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Locating faulty wires, switches and electrical connections on your property can reduce your risk of electrical fires, improve your electrical system's performance and keep your energy bills low. But not all electrical problems are easy to spot. Turn to the pros at DMC Electric LLC for thermal imaging electrical services in Englewood, CO.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, you can count on your local electrician to find and repair any dangerous issues with ease. Call 720-936-3900 today to schedule electrical services.

How can thermal imaging equipment help?

How can thermal imaging equipment help?

By using advanced thermal imaging equipment, your electrician can:

  • Detect issues with electrical panels, switchgear, fuses and other connections without risking shocks or fires
  • Reveal temperature variances where trouble spots exist
  • Resolve issues affordably and efficiently

By understanding where electrical faults exist and the severity of each, we're able to make informed decisions to prevent unscheduled system shut-downs, production losses, power outages or fires.

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