Worried About Electrical Surges? We Can Put Your Mind at Ease.

Rely on us for surge protection services in the Englewood, CO area

Do you know if your home is safe from electrical surges? Power surges are caused by a sudden spike in electrical voltage, often triggered by appliances like your microwave. They happen suddenly and can seriously damage your electronics.

Power surges can damage:




DVD players

Keep your home safe with surge protection services from DMC Electric LLC. We can set up a custom system for your home in the Englewood, CO area. Contact us today to get a top-quality surge protection system installed.

Keep your home safe from surges

Keep your home safe from surges

Have you noticed your lights flickering recently? Do your circuits trip often? Your home might be prone to electrical surges. You'll be glad to know that DMC Electric can help. We provide top-tier surge protection services to clients in the Englewood, CO area.

We can inspect your home's electrical network and install a custom surge protection system to keep your house safe. Call 720-936-3900 today to speak with a skilled electrician.